The Science of
    healthcare MANAGEMENT

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The Science of healthcare MANAGEMENT


Our Passion

BluPanda is passionate about finding new ways to Improve the Human Condition in healthcare. We care deeply about every patient’s experience because we’ve spent a lot of time with our own loved ones waiting to receive care in your hospitals. We spent two years as part time volunteers at a Level I Trauma Center in Pittsburgh working side by side with doctors and nurses to understand the frustrations and challenges of trying to deliver the best quality care, more efficiently, to more patients than ever before. We understand, we care, and we can help.

Our idea

Every hospital wants to be as efficient as a factory, but how can they coordinate the work of hundreds of clinicians to achieve factorylike efficiency? Everyone already has a smartphone. Our idea is to take all of those smartphones that are already out there, link them all together to make a virtual production line, and run that virtual production line with sophisticated robotics software, just like factories do.

The science

Eliminate medically unnecessary time from any healthcare process


Automated management in healthcare

Unlike manufacturing environments, in which sophisticated software systems manage standard production processes, healthcare facilities are manually managed by doctors and nurses - often using little more than white boards, telephones and pagers.

The new science of automated management is about managing and measuring standardized healthcare processes. BluPanda's platform automates the management of any healthcare process through an intelligent server that connects teams of clinicians through a set of easy-to-use collaborative apps.

Automated Management

The Science of Efficient Healthcare Process


The Virtual Team

BluPanda automates the management of any of the key processes that define healthcare delivery: admitting a patient, treating a patient, discharging a patient, coordinating with the patient’s family, delivering discharge instructions, and providing patient education, just to name a few. With BluPanda’s platform, doctors, nurses, patients, and their families can all connect, collaborate, and contribute their part to the efficient execution of a healthcare process.

BluPanda’s software enables team of clinicians to work together. As they work together, our platform also uses statistical process control and machine learning technologies to learn from the team… carefully analyzing what works and what doesn’t, enabling targeted, iterative process improvement. With BluPanda, the team’s performance just gets better and better.

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Team Panda

Meet BluPanda and the team behind
The Science of Healthcare Management

We like each other… a lot. BluPanda was founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs who have worked together in the Pittsburgh robotics start-up scene since 2005. Prior to BluPanda, we were all part of HyperActive Technologies… and two of us (Coulter and Kauffman) worked together at another prior start-up, Tpresence, Inc. Those experiences taught us a lot about how to build highly scalable robotic software systems… and they also taught us a lot about each other. How to care for one another, how to keep family first, and how to stay committed to helping others even in the face of great adversity.


Tim Kauffman

VP of Software Engineering

Mr. Kauffman is a series entrepreneur and software engineer with broad experience in the management of software system development. Mr. Kauffman has deep experience in all aspects of robotic product development. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Ralph Gross, PhD

Chief Scientist

Dr. Gross is a serial entrepreneur and a computer scientist. His research focuses on the development of massively scalable learning systems that closely integrate human users. Dr. Gross holds a PhD in Computers, Organizations and Society from Carnegie Mellon.

Barbara Simard

VP of Operations & CEO de BluPanda Solutions Médicale

Ms. Simard is a serial entrepreneur and computer engineer with broad experience in robotics product development and delivery. Ms. Simard's work focuses on the pragmatic delivery of robotic systems into the client’s existing business process. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Laval University.

R. Craig Coulter

Chairman & CEO

Dr. Coulter is a serial entrepreneur and a robotic scientist. He was a founding scientist at the National Robotics Engineering Center, CEO of Tpresence, Inc., and co-founder and Chief Scientist of HyperActive Technologies, Inc. Dr. Coulter holds a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from MIT.

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